February 27th Lunya Pintxos Night

We’re back. After a few month off, primarily for Christmas and the New Year, Scousetro Club is back for our one year anniversary. That’s right, our first meal was held in February 2012, to celebrate this we thought we’d return to the place where it all started, Lunya. The Spanish Deli and Tapas bar helped kick it all off a year ago, Peter and his team have been a huge help and support with Scousetro Club in the past and they will be again.

Our anniversary Scousetro Club will be held on 27th February, at 7:30pm for 8:00pm. The night will be a Pintxos evening, for £20 per person. Combined with this there will be a matched Sherry list for £11 per person. See the Menu below for details.

Scousetro Club Pintxos

As with all Scousetro Clubs, this will be a pay upfront booking system. You can book your place(s) below by clicking the button. To pay for your place(s) please click the buttons below, you can either book for food only at £20 per person or food and sherry at £31 per person. Please make sure you click the correct button.

Very sorry booking is now closed. We hope to see you at future Scousetro Club events. 


October 16th At Hard Days Night Hotel and Scatchards

This Months Scousetro Club will be at Blakes Restaurant in Hard Days Night Hotel. This is the worlds only Beatles inspired hotel, combining the highest quality facilities in a truly unique environment. Located at the heart of Liverpool’s ‘Beatles Quarter’ offering luxurious accommodation and exclusive event space with a twist. Housed in the magnificent Grade II listed Central Buildings, dating back to 1884, the beautifully restored hotel is steeped in history.

This months meal is a special Scousetro Club, being our first wine night, the evening will be hosted along with Scatchards, Liverpool’s premier wine merchants, who with CIVB (Conseil Interprofessionnel du Vin de Bordeaux) are hosting  “Dine with Bordeaux” evenings. Included with the menu are four matched wines all from the bordeaux region. Jon Atkinson, of Scatchards, has worked to pick the best possible matches to the Blakes menu. Jon will be on hand all evening to explain the matches and answer any questions.


 I often get asked which has been the best Scousetro Club, in fact chefs particularly are always keen to compare their efforts with meals of the past. To be honest this isn’t a question I find easy to answers, the variety of meals, with very different approaches, makes comparing events very hard to do. I don’t think that any one meal can take the crown of being the best, what I do know is that this meal was as good as anything we have had before.

Paul and his kitchen team really wanted to show case what Blakes restaurant is about, classic food and combinations cooked with precision accompanied by excellent service, and this is exactly what we got.

Spiced duck blini appetiser, great combination of rich ducky flavours balanced with some citrus zing.

Along with our food came an excellent selection of wine provided through the “Dine With Bordeaux” promotion run by CVIB. Jon Atkinson, from Scatchards, matched the menu to the wine and we got to sample some excellent matching combinations.

Salmon with beetroot pure, creme fraiche and dill accompanied by a lovely cucumber sandwich. This was my favourite dish of the night, great flavour combinations and more precise cooking. This was served with dry Ch. de respide Graves Blanc, which made a great combination. 

Some of the wine read to be served with the main course.

Main course was the favourite dish for the majority of Scousetro Clubbers, the loin of lamb was pink and tender and the sweet potato gratin had the right texture and wonderful flavour. Paul once again showing he eye for precision cooking. We had a couple of interesting red to go with this both showing different characteristics.

Apple crumbe cheese cake, and combination I’d not had before and one I really liked. Great vanilla ice-cream on the side and a fantastic vanilla puree. Another fantastic dish, it was served with a great sweet wine Ch. Coutet Barsac 1’er Cru Classe 2005, which made for a perfect combination with sweet, rich fragrances.

The entire evening was excellent, with hardly a mistake to be seen in any of the dishes on display, this menu wasn’t as adventurous as others in the past  but for precision almost faultless cooking it has to be applauded.

September 17th The James Monro

I’m very pleased to announce the Scousetro Club menu for September, our meal will be hosted at The James Monro on Tithebarn street. Along with its Sister pub The Monro, the James Monro has a growing reputation of excellent food and drink in a modern relaxed setting. The head chef has put together a fantastic  5 course menu for us.

Booking is now closed.

August 16th Camp and Furnace

August’s Scousetro Club is at Camp & Furnace, one of Liverpool’s newest and most exciting venues, Steven Burgess and his team in the Kitchen have put together an exciting menu for our 6th Scousetro meal. Taking place in the main furnace hall, Camp and Furnace offers an experience that is unique in the city. Welcome drinks are from 7:00pm and we will be sitting down to eat at 7:30pm, the cost of the meal is £39 per person.

Click the menu to download PDF version

What can I say about Scousetro Club at Camp & Furnace, well it was another great night. Good food, good company and a fantastic venue, everyone who attended had a great time, and with over 60 guests that is a hard thing to pull off.

The guests sat down and ready for the meal to begin.

First Course, goats cheese

Beer and a caravan.

Furnace breads

The chefs hard at work, plating up for over 60 people isn’t easy.

Main course, wood pigeon breast and fritter with golden beetroot soup.

Chocolate brownie with strawberry jelly and Mr Whippy Ice-cream.

The Band

The Furnace after some marshmallow toasting.

Marshmallow toasting in full swing.

The end of the night hard core drinkers, setting up a small den in one of the caravans.

A big thank you to Amy Faith Photography who provide some of the pictures.

Alma De Cuba, July 12th Scousetro Club

Scousetro Club returns in July for it’s 5th meal at Alma De Cuba, the perfect host for a vibrant exciting meal. Alma de Cuba, Liverpool’s most spectacular restaurant and bar; an island in the heart of the city, an independent spirit that leaves a lasting impression. Set inside the magnificent conversion of the former St. Peter’s Catholic church, Alma de Cuba is an eclectic mix of Cuban, Hispanic and Latin American influences that are enhanced with Liverpool’s great spirit.

The team at Alma have put together a fantastic menu for us, including both new dishes and Alma classics recreated and reimagined  especially for Scousetro Club. Alma’s head bar man, Josh, will be creating a special matched cocktail menu, paring the finest Latin American drinks with each course.


What can I say about the 5th Scousetro Club at Alma De Cuba, well in short it was fantastic,  a great evening with wonderful food. The entire team at Alma worked tirelessly to put on this meal, with service running smoothly the whole night.

The Alma Dinning Room

Food on the whole was excellent, showing imagination and creativity, offering challenges to diners that go everyone involved with the dishes. Beef and chocolate was a combination that really split opinion, some loved it other weren’t as convinced, but this is exactly what Scousetro Club is about.

The remains of Tequila and sangrita, our first course.

One of several complimentary cocktails, a Copa Cobanga, rum with cherry marnier, fresh orange and condensed milk

Jerk Chicken and Coconut rice, our second course

Alma De Cuba really embrassed the concept of Scousetro, and again elevated expectations of diners with a skill full and imaginative menu. Everyone left feeling extremley possitive about the whole experience and very keen to return to the restaurant in the future.

One of the Samba girls

Seasame encrusted seared tuna with Solana Mojito

Ginger and Jasmine tea with Jasmine flower

Fillet of beef marinated in Malbec with pulled beef and chocolate. The beefs flavour and texture was perfect.

Alma really proved itself to be an excellent restaurant, pulling out all the stops for Scousetro Club. If you’re in Liverpool looking for a good meal then it has to be near the top of your list.

Pudding: Rum with smoke and chocolate orange fudge, chocolate biscotti, coffee sphere and a chocolate coffee spoon

Pudding: Rum with smoke and chocolate orange fudge, chocolate biscotti, coffee sphere and a chocolate coffee spoon

Head Chef Dave Critchley after a hard shift in the kitchen


Pictures Courtesy of Martin Henley

June 2012 Caveau Liverpool

After a months break Scousetro Club returned in June with the best meal yet, Dave and the team at Caveau pulled out all the stops, serving an eight course menu for £34.50. The food, ambience and service all evening was fantastic, with all the Scousetro Clubbers having a great evening.

 39 diners took their seats for a really excellent meal, that started with garlic snails with bone marrow, a dish that set the scene for a true classic French menu, that along they way took in sweetbreads, quail and frogs legs.

Snails with bone barrow


Scallops with poached pears, very nice if a touch too sweet.

Scousetro Clubbers enjoying their meal


Frogs legs with aubergine caviar and squash puree, great flavours highlighting what is a very delicately flavoured meat.


Langoustine in court bullion, lovely soft flesh perfectly cooked, it took a good bit of work to extract all the tasty stuff.

Roasted Quail and Braised Endive, another lovely dish. After a bit of prodding and delicate knife work the best way to tackle the quail was with your fingers. The endive was lovely and delicate.


Chilled Chocolate Soufflés with Cherries. This was my favourite dish, a classic combination rich, sweet and sharp, I thought it was beautiful.


The final cheese course, Reblechon with Quails Egg in Brioche. A great way to round off the meal, soft fantastic cheese with a great accompaniments.

All in all this meal was very very good, everyone who attended had a great time and really enjoyed the food served. You may have noticed that I’m missing a photo, I completely forgot to take a picture of the sweetbreads course, thus if any Scousetro Clubbers out there have one they could e-mail to me I would be very grateful.

Caveau was a fantastic venue for Scousetro Club, a head chef and staff who really wanted to put on a show made this night what it was. I feel everyone who attended got to try a new restaurant, it’s certainly a venue they were all keen to return to. If you couldn’t make this meal, but still want to sample what Caveau has to offer it’s open Tuesday to Sunday, serving classic french food all year round.

Caveau Restaurant
59 Allerton Road
L25 7RE

April 2012 The Malmaison

So far Scousetro Club has been a huge success, after two fantastic meals at Lunya and Academy restaurant, I’m very pleased to announce that the meal for March will be hosted by The Malmaison. Sitting amongst Liverpool’s historic waterfront, The Malmaison Liverpool is a chic modern hotel, with excellent brasserie and luxurious rooms. The food at The Mal is centred around the very best of local produce,  prepared by the head chef Adam Townsley.

The menu is below


This months Scousetro was a good night, hosted by The Mal and taking place in one of their private function rooms. For the first time at a Scousetro club meal we all sat round one large table, a bit like a giant board room. The Mal’s staff had made a great effort, the room looked excellent and it made for a lovely atmosphere.

Our first course proved to be the most popular of the night, sweet perfectly cooked scallops with a delicious risotto. It was a great start to the evening, a dish enjoyed by all and would hopefully set the tone for the rest of the courses.

Second course was homemade black pudding with smoked apple purée and sauce grabiche. This was the dish I was most looking forward to, I love a bit of black pudding and I was hoping for something special. The dish came out reeking of smoke, it boded well for the course as the smell wafted around the room. Unfortunately the flavours didn’t quite live up to the aromas, with the sauce and pudding lacking the the required flavour, a heavier dose of spice to the black pudding would have really lifted what was a reasonable dish.

Braised hogget, our main course, was full of flavour soft, tender and sweet, a touch over seasoned for my tastes but very well done. I was nice to have a slightly different meat than the usual suspects. The melt in the mouth bone marrow in the accompanying sauce punctuated the dish with delicate melting flavours. A greater amount of fennel would have brought a better balance to the dish, but we were all very happy with our mains.

Dessert consisted of a soft pistachio fondant, with sweet almost marzipan like texture, it was very good and the melted chocolate at the bottom of it made it all the better. It came with a white chocolate sorbet that was nice, but very sweet. Every time in my life when I’ve had sorbet I’ve always wished for ice cream, a good dose of animal fat to wrap everything up on your pallet is generally a good thing. Thus, although I did like the sorbet I think an ice cream would have lifted this dish.

On the whole the meal was well received, the the Scousetro Clubbers enjoyed the food served to them, the atmosphere was relaxed and friendly. I was disappointed, however, to find all our meal dishes on the main brasserie menu. The aim of Scousetro Club is to provide different food and I feel that the Malmaison didn’t embrace this to the full extent.