Welcome to Scousetro Club


I started Scousetro Club after being inspired by the Manchester Gastro Club, the idea of getting together with fellow food lovers and experiencing adventurous meals had a very strong appeal. I feel that Liverpool has a really great collection of restaurants, the chance to work with them to bring exciting and challenging meals to city was something I couldn’t resist.

Im currently working with our first venue, hoping to finalise the menu very soon, I’m also in discussion with several other establishments for future events. Our first evening will run during the first week of February 2012, with Christmas fast approaching and the dreary January, where everyone feels fat and skint due to holiday excesses, I felt February would be an ideal time to start. I hope to announce the menu in the coming week, which will allow plenty of time for people to book places.

This blog will be regularly updated with information about past and future evenings, including full menus and write ups of each meal. You can subscribe to the blog by email, in the top righthand corner, or follow our RSS feed we also have an accompanying twitter account @scousetroclub.

I’m really looking forward to what Scousetro Club will offer in the coming year, and I hope to see you keen food lovers there.



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