August 16th Camp and Furnace

August’s Scousetro Club is at Camp & Furnace, one of Liverpool’s newest and most exciting venues, Steven Burgess and his team in the Kitchen have put together an exciting menu for our 6th Scousetro meal. Taking place in the main furnace hall, Camp and Furnace offers an experience that is unique in the city. Welcome drinks are from 7:00pm and we will be sitting down to eat at 7:30pm, the cost of the meal is £39 per person.

Click the menu to download PDF version

What can I say about Scousetro Club at Camp & Furnace, well it was another great night. Good food, good company and a fantastic venue, everyone who attended had a great time, and with over 60 guests that is a hard thing to pull off.

The guests sat down and ready for the meal to begin.

First Course, goats cheese

Beer and a caravan.

Furnace breads

The chefs hard at work, plating up for over 60 people isn’t easy.

Main course, wood pigeon breast and fritter with golden beetroot soup.

Chocolate brownie with strawberry jelly and Mr Whippy Ice-cream.

The Band

The Furnace after some marshmallow toasting.

Marshmallow toasting in full swing.

The end of the night hard core drinkers, setting up a small den in one of the caravans.

A big thank you to Amy Faith Photography who provide some of the pictures.


One Comment on “August 16th Camp and Furnace”

  1. […] most recent Scousetro Club was last week at Camp & Furnace, we had a great time and some lovely food. The Scousetro Club […]

  2. The furnace where you prepared the marshmallows looks so classy. It looks like a fire place in a Victorian castle.

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