October 16th At Hard Days Night Hotel and Scatchards

This Months Scousetro Club will be at Blakes Restaurant in Hard Days Night Hotel. This is the worlds only Beatles inspired hotel, combining the highest quality facilities in a truly unique environment. Located at the heart of Liverpool’s ‘Beatles Quarter’ offering luxurious accommodation and exclusive event space with a twist. Housed in the magnificent Grade II listed Central Buildings, dating back to 1884, the beautifully restored hotel is steeped in history.

This months meal is a special Scousetro Club, being our first wine night, the evening will be hosted along with Scatchards, Liverpool’s premier wine merchants, who with CIVB (Conseil Interprofessionnel du Vin de Bordeaux) are hosting  “Dine with Bordeaux” evenings. Included with the menu are four matched wines all from the bordeaux region. Jon Atkinson, of Scatchards, has worked to pick the best possible matches to the Blakes menu. Jon will be on hand all evening to explain the matches and answer any questions.


 I often get asked which has been the best Scousetro Club, in fact chefs particularly are always keen to compare their efforts with meals of the past. To be honest this isn’t a question I find easy to answers, the variety of meals, with very different approaches, makes comparing events very hard to do. I don’t think that any one meal can take the crown of being the best, what I do know is that this meal was as good as anything we have had before.

Paul and his kitchen team really wanted to show case what Blakes restaurant is about, classic food and combinations cooked with precision accompanied by excellent service, and this is exactly what we got.

Spiced duck blini appetiser, great combination of rich ducky flavours balanced with some citrus zing.

Along with our food came an excellent selection of wine provided through the “Dine With Bordeaux” promotion run by CVIB. Jon Atkinson, from Scatchards, matched the menu to the wine and we got to sample some excellent matching combinations.

Salmon with beetroot pure, creme fraiche and dill accompanied by a lovely cucumber sandwich. This was my favourite dish of the night, great flavour combinations and more precise cooking. This was served with dry Ch. de respide Graves Blanc, which made a great combination. 

Some of the wine read to be served with the main course.

Main course was the favourite dish for the majority of Scousetro Clubbers, the loin of lamb was pink and tender and the sweet potato gratin had the right texture and wonderful flavour. Paul once again showing he eye for precision cooking. We had a couple of interesting red to go with this both showing different characteristics.

Apple crumbe cheese cake, and combination I’d not had before and one I really liked. Great vanilla ice-cream on the side and a fantastic vanilla puree. Another fantastic dish, it was served with a great sweet wine Ch. Coutet Barsac 1’er Cru Classe 2005, which made for a perfect combination with sweet, rich fragrances.

The entire evening was excellent, with hardly a mistake to be seen in any of the dishes on display, this menu wasn’t as adventurous as others in the past  but for precision almost faultless cooking it has to be applauded.


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  1. Rosemary Tully says:


    Just wondering if there is a vegetarian option at all?

    Many thanks,


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