Scousetro Club was started by Sid the Liverpool Food Blogger who writes the Food Fascination blog at www.liverpoolfoodblog.co.uk. The purpose of Scousetro Club is to provide the opportunity for food lovers in Liverpool to experience diverse, interesting and different food in great local restaurants. It provides restaurants a fantastic chance to show what they are all about and promote themselves to new customers, while also allowing great chefs to really push themselves and offer food that will challenge them and the Scousetro Club members.

How It Works

During the first week of the month Scousetro Club organises a night in a vibrant city restaurant, offering the set menu at a fixed price. The requirements of the evening is that it offers dishes that don’t normally exist on the restaurant’s menu, offering the diners a challenging and adventurous meal.

All up coming events are advertised on this website and through twitter, including the full menu and price, to reserve your place(s) you have to pay a small deposit online, which will be deducted from the final bill. The price of the menu includes all items on it, which may or may not include drinks, any additional drinks purchases are at the diners discretion. The price and menu is not negotiable, thus reserving a seat requires payment of the full menu price at the end of the evening.


If you are interested in Scousetro Club  you can subscribe to this blog by email, in the top right hand corner,  you can also follow the RSS feed and follow our twitter account @scousetroclub. This site will be updated with all the information about past and future evenings. If you have any questions please feel free to contact scousetroclub@me.com


We are always looking for new restaurants that would like to be involved in Scousetro Club, we would be very interested to hear from any style of restaurant that would like to offer us a menu and host a night. If you are a chef or restaurant manager/owner and would like to be involved in Scousetro Club please email scousetroclub@me.com,