Hello and welcome to The Scousetro Club,  a collection of like minded food lovers in Liverpool, we dine out once a month at a chosen Liverpool restaurant. Each meal is a special set menu, it isn’t food that you can walk in off the street and order, it gives you the chance to try something new and different, prepared by a professional chef in a top Liverpool restaurant.

The purpose of the club is for fellow food enthusiasts to get together, to enjoy great food, meet new people and discover new restaurants. We ask the restaurants involved to produce an adventurous menu, that highlights the talents of the kitchen team, offers a meal that you can’t walk in off the street and buy and most of all will excite our diners.

To become a member of The Scousetro Club all you have to do is follow this blog via email (Top right hand column) and/or follow us on twitter. You’ll be updated on the monthly venues and have the chance to reserve you place, each month the number of places will vary depending on size of restaurant and what they can offer. Reservations are online by  paying a small deposit  and operate on a first come first serve basis.